Now that you know why you need to strip for your lover, you need to learn how. We know it can be a bit daunting to get started, so we've put together a few simple tips on how to avoid awkward strips. With these tips in mind, you will know how to perform a sexy striptease right away! 😉

Tips on how to tease for your spouse. | Dating diva

Learn how to strip for your man.

1. Be yourself

This is our #1 tip! It is very important to be yourself and have fun! Doing something that is not true to yourself can make you uncomfortable or awkward. Make it fun…

2. Wear comfortable and sexy clothing.

The visual aspect is important when stripping. You should wear clothes that make you feel sexy and feel comfortable even knowing that your spouse will love it. (I really like everything from Menionables.)

3. Lighting, makeup and music

Wearing sexy clothes is also very important, but preparing yourself is also important. Whatever you want to do makeup, do your hair, fix your hair, feel sexy and confident! Choose a song that dances comfortably and dim the lights to create a more romantic atmosphere.

4. Practice, practice, practice!

We've all been told that practice is perfect, and this can no longer sound true even in the case of a striptease! If you are nervous, take time to practice in front of the mirror. This will increase your confidence and help you know what you feel comfortable with.

5. Don't worry about anything else

Now is the time to let it loose and have fun! It's very easy to worry about what your spouse is thinking or how awkward. But I promise they're in love every minute and you'll probably be stunned by the fact that you're doing what you're doing. So own it!

6. Head flip

If in doubt, turn your head over! 😉 No matter how stupid it looks, your spouse will love it!

7. Don't rush

Take your time and strip slowly. Let your spouse enjoy the moment. With that said, don't be covert and think long events are needed.

8. Don't think about "defects".

At this moment you are perfect. Own it! The last thing in your partner's mind is the flaws you think you can have! It can be tough, but trust that you look great.

9. Enjoy (as much as your partner)

Stripteasing isn't for viewers, it's for you! Enjoy it. It's fun, fun, natural, do whatever you want, just let it go!

10. Confidence is the key

Confidence in what you do changes everything! When you have confidence, you are empowered. Confidence is also sexy, so even if you don't have confidence in striptease (especially if you're new to it), you can cheat.

Bonus: useful strip tease activity

Dating Divas, of course, you can't cling to how to plan this particular type of night.

Strip tease activity for couples. | Dating diva

Fun strip teasing activity for a home dating night.

We immediately came up with a perfect dating idea that will teach you how to strip. Isn't it so fun?! Best of all, it is done in a completely stylish way that allows you to heat everything in the bedroom without discomfort. It also includes printable invitations (digital invitations), guides, cue cards, and more to help take this idea to the next level. Sounds like fun, doesn't it? Ready, set, strip!

A card that teaches how to tear off. | Dating diva

A print that tells you how to do a striptease.

Now that you know everything you need to strip like a pro, you should check out the next post.

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