Long distance birthday gifts

Are you in a long distance relationship and need a thoughtful birthday gift for a loved one? Well, the challenge was accepted! Being the cutest on a dating diva, we created a free long-distance birthday gift printable product for you and your lover. Obviously one of them is that maintaining a long-distance relationship has its own challenges and you can't spend your birthday together. But not anymore! Close the gap with this long-distance birthday idea, gift, and more! So what are you waiting for? Let's start this “party in the box”.

My boyfriend lives in another state and the birthday is coming! This helps me celebrate his special day without being with him. I love that this is also free! Thank you!!! #longdistancebirthdaygift #longdistance #birthdaygiftpackage

Now we are very grateful to Paparelli Design's amazing Courtney for designing this lovely print! Here are the download files you can download for free.

This pack includes:

  • Box flap cover for printing
  • Birthday box gift tags
  • birthday card
  • Happy birthday banner

Long distance gift

Let your lovers know that they are your favorite reminder! Surprise them with this adorable long-distance themed birthday package and thank them for how much you love them! But why send a gift? When you give a birthday present, you value the relationship. It also shows the message behind the birthday present. By providing what they want or need, we are taking care of them in some way! Take care of your loved one by surprise by mail with this happy birthday long distance gift!

Long distance gift

Long distance birthday

Take your birthday to a loved one with this epic birthday present and take one step further in texting or face calls. Dating Diva wants you to enjoy your loved one's birthday as much as possible! First, download, print and cut this free print. Second, add what your lover likes the most. Depending on your gender, you can add a cake box, frosting, candy, snack or your favorite video game or lipstick! The world with long-range birthday ideas is yours. Below are many fun ways to make a long distance gift better!

Long distance birthday

  • Video shooting and DVD transfer
  • Video of loved ones telling why they love.
  • I brought a small gift so everyone could send the parcel as a parcel.
  • Face Full of candy.
  • Books they can enjoy.
  • "You are the night!"
  • Card game or board game.
  • hat.
  • wallet.
  • shoes.
  • Amount – say.

Relationship birthday gifts

Long-distance relationships can be difficult, but if you want, you need to take all the necessary steps to keep someone special, regardless of distance. Sending a gift if you can't be with a friend is a special way to show your partner how much you love and miss, especially on your birthday! This long-distance gift will change your birthday from a decent place to a big one as soon as the parcel arrives at the door. Give your love for life with this long-distance birthday gift! toast!

Birthday gift ideas

Love notes

Now, remember that thinking is important. So the long distance relationship birthday gift you send will bring a smile to your loved one's face. You will truly be the sunshine in their lives! However, if it is rather difficult to present a meaningful and creative gift, this list of long distance relationship gifts will be much easier. Because we love you, we have created numerous gift ideas that you can use for your long distance birthday celebrations! Check it out below!

Relationship birthday gifts

Happy Birthday!

It is difficult to stay away from loved ones on birthdays. Because you want them to feel special and loved. Long-distance birthday gift than sending this party to the box! Surprise your lover with a special delivery full of creative gifts and love notes. Surprise them with this birthday package and show them how much it means to you for your loved ones! This year will surely be an unforgettable thing!

Happy Birthday

Long distance love kit

Our long-distance relationship gift idea kit will make a special memory even when you are far away. First, fill the box with your lover's favorites, add a long-distance relationship date to the box, and use the long-distance relationship gift idea. Certainly, all of the long distance gifts are all in one kit, so you'll be able to find the best long distance relationship gift for your individual relationship. Nevertheless, if you have a long distance relationship, check out the long distance love kit!

Long distance love kit

Long distance relationship management package, long distance date on the box, countdown tracker, long distance prescription gift and long distance romance tips! Check it!

But are you looking for a more fun way to strengthen your long distance relationship? The cheer up kit care package will brighten your lover's day. Love Text Message 2.0 Pack is an easy way to connect with your spouse at any time!

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